About Us

Benn, our company director, started off his career in the taxi industry as a telephone operative at another office in Plymouth. After a couple of months he worked his way to the control desk, controlling some of the busiest shifts of the week with more than 100 vehicles working at a time. This is where the passion grew to provide the very best service to as many people in Plymouth as possible. After many years of this, Benn left the office on the search for a new adventure in life. 

In the couple of years Benn was away from the trade, he remained in contact with many of the drivers. He considered them to be more than just a number at the office, they were genuine friends.

When the Covid pandemic hit it became extremely hard for the drivers and unfortunately many have left the trade altogether. This was when Benn decided to open his own office, to not only help the drivers financially with discounts and incentives, but to also still provide the extremely high standard of service we know should be provided to our customers.  

Safe, Affordable & Reliable Service

We want to build a safe, affordable and reliable service that will become the leading taxi company in Plymouth. Benn was born and raised in Plymouth and this forms the basis for our strong community ethos. As our enterprise grows, we want to give something back, which is why we support many community events and local charities.

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